Paul Mace – Vocals

PaulPaul is a founder member of Reason, the band`s sound is formed around his quality melodic tone. Critics have been quick to point out that Paul`s vocal style avoids the cliché sound that has often been associated with melodic hard rock & metal bands, and brings a more progressive and classic tone to Reason`s music… (“Haunting”… Fireworks magazine, May 2012) (“Beautiful”… Metal Temple, December 2014).

Paul draws his inspiration to sing from the rock all-time greats. He says… “I grew up listening to amazing vocalists singing timeless music.. the power of Ronnie James Dio, the haunting and thoughtful work of Waters and Gilmour, and the creative genius of Freddie Mercury, to mention a few. All of these are sounds that have not lost their impact or been surpassed over time. I certainly do not ever attempt to simply mimic those guys, but I try to bring an element of those classic styles to what I do.. Reason`s music gives me the opportunity to do that, and more importantly to be myself… It`s great to work in a situation where all of the songs are created especially to suit my voice.”

Chris Gyngell – Guitar

ChrisWith a natural playing & writing style which has been grown through a lifelong love of rock, metal and progressive music, Chris provides the lone guitar orchestration for Reason. His playing has been critically acclaimed (“Glorious” – Fireworks magazine, May 2012), and ranges from full & solid rhythm work, to soulful melodic threads and soaring solos.

Interviewed recently, Chris said…

“I guess that if you listen to the Reason catalogue, there are influences from all kinds of players that could be picked out. I get influenced by, and probably started playing guitar as a teenager because of the great feel that guitar can have as part of an overall song. When it comes to my sound and equipment, I like to keep a fairly traditional, raw and gritty-sounding set-up, rather than getting into any complex processing, so currently I use a straight 50-watt Marshall Vintage Modern Amp, with 2 original JCM800 4×12 speaker cabs. Effects-wise, drive, modulation, wah, reverb & delay all come from a Boss multi-FX unit. Guitar-wise, for recording I have used an Ibanez JEM77 with standard passive pick-ups pretty much exclusively, as it is capable of such huge tonal variation. But for live work my main guitar is an Ibanez RG arch-top with active EMG pick-ups for sheer power. I also use a Schecter C1 custom with Seymour Duncan pick-ups from time to time.”

Gray Corbett – Bass

GrayGray provides the `grunt` and thunderous rhythm in Reason`s music. His playing style was developed in an environment of full-on metal music, but he has a love for a wide range of genres, which all converges to produce a driving, powerful sound, with bursts of rhythmic & melodic elaboration when needed, always locked into the drum patterns… the perfect solid but musical backing for Reason`s varied guitar and keyboard orchestration.

He says… “The chance to join Reason was a great opportunity, my natural style and my sound immediately fitted in. There`s enough metal in the band`s sound to let me really cut loose, but plenty of musical and subtle moments too. Bass-wise there is something a little different in pretty much every song, and the bass drives the songs and holds everything together for a lot of the time. Providing a bass sound to fit naturally with the guitars and the wide-ranging keyboard sounds is important, and for that I`ve chosen ESP basses with a Peavey and Ampeg amplifer/speaker combination.”

Gil Hird – Keyboard

GilGil provides Reason`s orchestral edge.  A classically-trained pianist & saxophonist, Gil was experimenting with early synth technology in the 80’s. Since joining the band in October 2011 he has brought new dimensions to the Reason sound with his musical feel, speed, accuracy and dexterity, providing everything from beautiful atmospheric chord work to complex arpeggios and dynamic solos. Some of the keyboard work you hear in Reason`s music that sounds like computerised sequencing is simply Gil in full flight!

He says… “ Coming from the background that I do, my musical influences and tastes are broad; including Progressive rock, Drum & Bass, Trance, Modern Big Band Jazz, Fusion, 20th Century Russian and French classical music, the list goes on. Fusing this into a band situation is challenging, but there is space to work within Reason`s music, and the combination of all that plus the power of the guitars and rhythm section brings a satisfying result. My kit includes a Korg workstation synth, a full-scale weighted key Roland digital piano, and a whole load of synth modules which we use primarily for recording work.”